No more modified broad match

On the 4th of February 2021 Google announced plans to phase out modified broad match. What does this mean for PPC campaign managers? Well, that depends on your current setup.

Are you mainly using exact and mbm keywords?

Like me, many campaign managers tend to use mostly exact and mbm keywords in their accounts. Exact when you know what people are looking for; mbm to catch the rest – and to keep costs under control.

For us, the change may mean a narrower funnel to catch non-exact search terms. Will “buy red shoes” really become as broad as +buy +red +shoes? How about +red +shoes +buy? Only time will tell. With the reduction in search terms shared by Google, it could be hard to pinpoint the differences and add new keywords appropriately in order to continue to achieve our current impression volumes/shares.

Do you have a large number of phrase keywords?

If you were relying on phrase however, you should be carefully monitoring the roll-out. Since phrase is set to match search terms more broadly, your costs could increase significantly, and potentially in unwanted ways.
If you haven’t already done so, set up a DataStudio dashboard to track costs visually and set up a few alerts so you can take action on time if costs do skyrocket.

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